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HITZ Fitness is located in the heart of Central Phoenix. This 5000 square foot facility is devoted purely to personal training and supervised group exercise, which means that clients will never have to wait for equipment to become available, thus maximizing the efficiency of each training session. Whatever your level of fitness, HITZ Fitness provides a safe and challenging environment intended to allow clients to maximize their potential.

Virtual Tour

Pan around our virtual tour to check our amazing space and state of the art equipment!



At Hitz Fitness, we create individualized workout plans directed at your specific fitness-related goals. We want clients to view personal training as an investment in a lifestyle change, and not as a short-term solution. Our goal is to create an environment in which clients become fit, strong, flexible, well-balanced athletes who genuinely look forward to and enjoy their time in the gym.



Success in weight loss requires knowledge, diligence, accountability, and sustainability. In addition to putting his clients through intense training sessions, Matt works closely with his clients to give them the best opportunity to achieve in their weight-loss goals. From grocery shopping lists and macro-nutrient profiles to discussion of the newest evidence-based recommendations, Matt works directly with his clients, helping them to understand the science of weight loss and how to apply core concepts to their everyday life, with the goal of not just weight loss, but also of sustainability and overall health.


Derived from Matt’s experience as a life-long gym rat and his eye for detail, the equipment at HITZ Fitness is robust, specific, and distinctly different. The resistance training area includes a full collection of selectorized machines, dumbbells ranging from 3-120 pounds, and a diverse selection of bars, cable attachments, and other intensity-increasing devices specifically chosen to maximize foundational strength and muscle gain, while minimizing the risk of injury. The facility’s large open indoor and outdoor training areas allow for a wide variety of individual and group training modalities, including speed and footwork drills, battling ropes, sleds, plyometrics, TRX suspension training, sledge hammer work, and tire flipping.



As a life-long athlete and participant in a variety of both team and individual sports, Matt recognizes the importance of training his athletes specifically towards optimal performance in their sport of choice. Matt’s athletic experience, combined with his analytical background allows him to create innovative workout templates that enables his athletes to train safely and effectively while improving their performance of specific mechanics and movements, conponents that are essential to maximizing peak athletic performance.

Clients in Action

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