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"At 40, I was 187 lbs and life was good. Eleven years later, 229 lbs snuck up on me and enough was enough. I hired a personal trainer to supposedly help me out. Nice guy, but him telling me he was going kick my "you know what" every workout did not motivate me in the least bit. I was disappointed and disengaged... and decided to look around for another personal trainer.


Then I met Matt. First impression: was this guy is a PRO. Engaging, passionate about his craft, and exuding confidence in helping me achieve MY goals. He had a robust process to ascertain my current fitness and lifestyle situation and then developed an action plan to improve my life. I hired Matt and bottom-line, it has been both life-changing and life-enhancing. Matt has a unique ability to totally engage with you during your training session. In his mind there is no other person in his gym but you. Under his leadership and training, I have the following concrete results to report:


1) WEIGHT: Lost 28 lbs over the course of 11 months…. without dieting. 

2) KNOWLEDGE: I'm in finance, so Matt customized his approach, and taught me that I have a budget of calories to spend each day. That weight loss is attributed to a caloric deficit.  We set some daily goals that WORKED and were sustainable, even with my hectic business travel and social commitments. Vino and carbs were permissible!...In moderation…And It works. 

3) CONFIDENCE: My goal was to be able to take my shirt off at the beach/pool and not be embarrassed. Mission accomplished! My body composition has changed significantly, with huge decreases in fat and increased muscle mass. It is absolutely awesome to fit into my clothes and feel good in my body, no matter where I am.  

4) STRENGTH: I can now bench press my own bodyweight for more than 15 repetitions, can perform 20+ strict body-weight dips, and can actually do multiple pull-ups! I am stronger now than I have ever been, and I know there is more to come!" - Keith T.



"As a personal trainer, Matt rocks! He pushes me to get the most out of each of our sessions, while being mindful of preventing injuries. As President and CEO of a large non-profit agency, I have a hectic schedule. Matt is very flexible and works with me to schedule sessions that work best for both of us. Finally, Matt makes training FUN (hard to believe!) He constantly changes routines, introduces new exercises often, and most importantly, jokes and banters with me throughout our session- Matt's the best!" - Mary Lynn K.

“I have had the pleasure of training with Matt for the last four years, and he has helped me gain both strength and confidence. I originally sought him out for help with weight loss goals, but he has also helped me gain muscle tone and get back in shape.

Matt has a great breadth of knowledge related to all things fitness, and is always thoughtfully introducing new equipment and exercises.  He is sensitive to your needs, and really listens to what you want to accomplish. He was particularly great at coming up with creative exercises that I could do throughout my pregnancy.  Matt is wonderful at  helping you accomplish your fitness goals, and I would highly recommend him.”​ 
- Anna Z.​

















"Matt is a phenomenal trainer who pushes me to the limit every day. He has helped me with my endurance strength and overall eating habits. I have gotten in much better physical shape working with Matt and as a Varsity high school athlete he has taken my performance to the next level. He is very flexible time wise and is able to move times around to get me in the gym no matter what. If you train with Matt you are guaranteed to succeed in many aspects, on how you look at fitness, and life." - Kohl K.

"Matt is amazing. I wish I could give him more than 5 stars. I starting working out with him in May 2012. I had just gotten engaged and was seriously packing on the pounds due to the stress of law school. I figured an engagement was a great reason to get my butt in shape. So I starting working out with Matt thinking I would maybe train with him for about 6 months to 1 year to get myself going and on the right track. Well..... 2 1/2 years later and I am still working out with Matt twice a week! My body is better than ever and I could not have done it without Matt. Not only is he an amazing trainer, he is also a teacher. He is constantly educating himself on everything from exercises to nutrition and is never too busy to offer his advice and help counsel you through any fitness/health problem you may be having. In addition, he is a blast to work out with. I look forward to working out with Matt and it offers a much needed break from my otherwise crazy and hectic life. I can't recommend him more. You will not be disappointed." - Erika S. 



"Matt is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. I get great value out of every single one of my training sessions, and don’t think I could get a better experience with any other trainer. I have previous injuries to my rotator cuff and knees, which makes it difficult for me to be able to work out and gain muscle. Matt listens to what my body and I am telling him: exercises have been modified and added based on my injuries. He spends the time to take note of these things and this helps me to be able to feel comfortable and get the best results possible. His scheduling is flexible, his facility is top notch, and is in a convenient location. This makes it very easy for me to be able to get to every one of my sessions as to not interrupt any progress that has been made. If you are considering going to the next level or even just starting out with getting your fitness goals achieved, Matt is the man to get you there." - Shawn M.



"Matt is a professional. I came in bloated, weak and pre-diabetic. After 4 weeks my body is changing in ways I had only imagined while sitting on the couch eating chips, watching PX90 commercials. With high school knee injuries and a hernia from being fat, Matt has customized my workout to not harm me, but build a strong core. My wife is now giving me that same look she did 10 years ago, and, ahem... its been GOOD. My kids no longer call me "fatty daddy". I am 41 and this has been the best investment that I've made in myself in years. I highly recommend Matt. This is by no means a magic bullet, but 30 minutes 2x a week has changed me from dud to on my way to stud!" - Dan H. 

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